Freckles – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Freckles - Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

What Is Freckles ?

Freckles are small brownish spots on human skin, predominantly found on the face. Freckles discrete specks or spots which develop over sun-exposed surfaces, particularly the cheeks and nose.

Generally, freckles multiply and darken in the sun, then fade in winter.

Freckles can sometimes be minimised by the use of sunscreen lotions containing para-amino benzoic acid.

Causes Of Freckles

Freckles are commonly found on the face and hands, and any other part of the body that has been overexposed to the sun. Freckles are among the many signs of photoaging. Photoaging occurs when excessive sun exposure speeds the skin’s natural aging process.

Symptoms Of Freckles

Freckles have no associated symptoms. However, if you notice that your freckles are changing or getting bigger, they may need further evaluation by your physician. If you have freckles, you have a higher risk of skin cancer than a person who doesn’t have freckles.

Freckles are usually round, brown dots around the nose, cheeks, hands, shoulders, knees and other areas of the body that are exposed to sunlight.

Treatment Of Freckles

The best treatment for freckles is prevention. The key to preventing freckles is sun avoidance and daily sunscreen use. However, for most of us, it is too late for prevention, and there are a number of treatment options available.

  • Conventional treatments :Conventional treatments for freckles include cosmetic cover-ups and bleaching creams, neither of which have garnered satisfactory results. Heavy cosmetics need frequent touchups, and are not a good fit for today’s active lifestyles. Bleaching agents attempt to fade the freckles to a color approximating that of the surrounding skin.
  • Most prescription creams :prescription creams used to lighten the skin contain hydroquinone. Bleaches lighten and fade darkened skin patches by slowing the production of melanin so those dark spots gradually fade to match normal skin coloration. Prescription bleaches contain twice the amount of hydroquinone, the active ingredient, as over-the-counter skin bleaches.
  • laser treatments :Laser resurfacing can effectively treat freckles, melasma, most age spots, and wrinkles, often in just one treatment.

Natural home remedies for freckles:

  • Wash your face with sour milk. Lactic acid will provide gentle peeling effect without irritating or drying your skin.
  • Lemon juice is a time proven freckle fighting remedy. It is not necessary to rub your skin with a piece of lemon. Applying the juice with your fingers will do the job.
  • Fruit and vegetable masks (apricots, strawberries, cucumbers, red currant).
  • Sour cream mask. Do not rinse this mask completely, just remove gently with a facial tissue, then apply a moisturizer. For oily skin – use lemon juice before applying the mask.
  • Natural parsley juice (or parsley infusion) mixed with equal amounts of lemon juice, orange juice, and red currant juice under your favourite cream will help you keep your freckles invisible.

Beneficial Supplements of freckles

  • Vitamin C makes the skin less sensitive to the sun.
  • Uva Ursi prevents the production of freckles.
  • Dandelion Flowers, when used in lotion form, help lighten the skin.
  • MSM improves skin problems.
  • Emu Oil helps fight skin spots.
  • Multivitamin and Mineral Complex helps overall body performance.

PABA works as a sunscreen when applied topically.

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