Xerosis – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Xerosis - Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

What Are Xerosis?

Xerosis is a common dry skin problem. Dry skin is a very common problem with symptoms ranging from mild to severe. The climate in central Illinois and specifically Champaign-Urbana makes dry skin symptoms more severe, especially for our students who come from more humid geographical areas. Winter is especially drying here due to high wind (with nothing to block it), cold dry air, and indoor heating systems that can substantially dry indoor air.

Causes of Xerosis

Xerosis can be caused by many factors, including:

  • washing with excessively hot water.
  • using nonmoisturizing soap.
  • showering or bathing more than once a day.
  • bathing for long periods of time.

Symptoms of Xerosis

The symptoms of dry skin including:

  • diabetes
  • itching
  • cracks in the skin
  • flaking, and fine lines

Xerosis Rick Factors

Environmental factors such as excessive sun exposure and pollutants in the air can damage the skin. Dry skin is often a problem in cooler climates, especially during winter months when home heating systems are used regularly.

Treatment Of Xerosis

  • Soap irritates and dries the skin, soap should not be used on your xerotic skin. When bathing limit the use of soap to your face, armpits, genital area, and feet. Use Cetaphil soap, Oil of Olay, Dove or Basis.
  • If you like to swim during the winter months, you should not use soap when getting out of the pool. When you have finished swimming, rinse off the chlorine with cool to warm water.
  • Oils can be added to bath water, but they are not as effective as emollient creams. Bathing for long periods or bathing more often than once a day can be detrimental to treatment, even though it may appear to give relief.
  • Creams and lotions that contain keratolytic agents, such as urea, salicylate, lactic acid, vitamin A, and propylene glycols are also available. These lotions are not as hydrolizing as emollients.
  • Alpha hydroxyacid lotions work very well for treating and preventing dry skin. Neostrata 15 AHA Body/Face Lotion is a very effective treatment when applied to moist skin after bathing.
  • Do not use soap; you will get clean by soaking in the oil-water combination. Do not take more than one bath or shower a day. Use lukewarm water, not hot. Hot water dries out the skin.

maintaining a balanced diet ,exercising,and drinking plenty of water contribute to healthy supple skin ketombe.

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