Membership Chairman:  Dee Finney

MEOW encourages prospective members to visit an area group twice before deciding to join our organization.
Membership Dues are $35.00 each year.  MEOW’s fiscal year is September 1st to August 31st. 

Membership Renewal:  All renewals are due on or before August 31st.  Late renewal -$40.00 if renewals are mailed after Aug. 31

Membership in MEOW entitles a member to receive a membership handbook, and membership pin upon enrolling.  Members receive the newsletter, printed within 30 days of a board meeting.  In addition to these four newsletters, every member receives the special Seminar edition in February.  Members are entitled to attend the Seminar held each summer.  Members are entitled to attend any other area group to learn whatever project or technique being offered.  Members are entitled to attend any workshop being offered by any area group on a space available basis.  Non-members who wish to attend Seminar must pay their dues when registering for classes.

The Membership Chairman not only keeps up with the membership, dues, membership pins, handbooks, she keeps the MEOW roster sorted to show current addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and which group (s) a member attends.  Members who have a change of any sort of  information should notify the Membership Chairman as soon as possible.
The MEOW membership application form below is intended to be printed for your use.
Highlight the below form, select copy and paste into a blank document.  Print and mail.


Membership Application
Dues are $35.00 a year, for the fiscal year of September 1 thru August 31.

Current member renewals are due by August 31.

Renewal Dues paid after August 31st will increase to $40.00
Those not paid by October 1st  will be eliminated from the roster (Standing Rule 36) 

NAME __________________________________________
   (As you wish it to appear on the roster)


CITY__________________________  STATE ________________   ZIP_____________

PHONE: DAYS_______________________ EVENINGS _________________________       

          (Please print full e-mail address EXACTLY, using  proper case.)

          I will be attending ____________________________________   Area Group