Machine Embroiderers of Oregon and Washington
Carol Cornford  Scholarship Guidelines.
Revised April, 2002

MEOW has established a scholarship fund.   The fund is named for Carol Cornford in recognition of her vision and determination in establishing a concept of MEOW, and the continued efforts in the best interest of the organization.

One of the purposes of the Carol Cornford Scholarship Fund is to provide financial assistance for members who otherwise would be unable to attend the annual MEOW Seminar.

All MEOW members are eligible to submit a scholarship application for review with the exception of those members who have received a scholarship within the past three seminars.

All scholarships are for one-half  (1/2) of the Seminar base fee which consist of  6 blocks of class time, conference fee, and double occupancy room and board.   Extra night in dorm, private room and class kit fees are optional and are the responsibility of the member.

Scholarship recipients will be chosen in the following manner:
1. Every member in an area group, who is interested in attending seminar with a scholarship will put their name in a hat and one (1) name will be drawn.  That name, along with that person’s completed application form will be sent to the scholarship chairman.
2. All names from the area groups will be put into a hat and the winners will be drawn at the January Board of Director’s Meeting.  Alternates will be drawn at that time.
3. Stray Cats who wish to attend seminar with a scholarship may be included.   Stray Cat members will send their name and application to their Director.  Their Director will draw one name to be included in the Board of Director’s drawing.
4.    A member’s name may be submitted only once.   A member’s primary/home area group will be the group for submitting each name.   The group listed first in the roster is considered as the primary/home group.

The application form will be printed in the October Newsletter.   A completed application will accompany the members’ name when submitted to the Scholarship Chairman by the Area Reps/Stray Cat Director.

1. Seminar scholarship recipients are required to present a program demonstrating a technique or project that is learned at seminar to at least one area group other than their own primary/home group prior to the next seminar.  Stray Cats may fulfill this obligation by demonstrating at Fairs, Trade shows, or Youth Educational programs.
2. Accomplishment of this requirement is to be verified in writing by filling out the required information on the Conformation Form Letter and then sent by the recipient to the Scholarship Chairman.
3. To be eligible for future scholarships, the recipient must comply with this requirement.   Failure to do so will result in the recipient being billed for the cost of the scholarship.
4. The scholarship is not transferable.
5. Alternates will be drawn in the event the recipient is unable to attend.

Carol Cornford Scholarship Winners for Seminar 2003

Capital Cats                 Carla Baker
Tacoma Tabbies            Karen Bennett
Fabricats                        Joan Burke
Fantasy Felines             Texanna Cato
Apple Cats                     Esther Closner
Daffy Cats                     Mary Dicks
Kalico Kitties                Dee Finney
Valley Cats                   Vy Fredrick
Aristicats                       Nancy Fruchtengarten
House Cats                   Caroline Gerneglia
Beaver Kits                   Stella Guenther
Evertt Alley Cats          Carole Horner
Cherry City Cats           Pearl Johnson
Silver City Kitties         Kathy Mac Neill
Juanita Gatos               June McColm
Emerald City                Barbara Wolfendale

Respectfully Submitted by:
Wilma Simpson
CCFS Chairman
[email protected]